Italy Cooking and Wine School

Our mission is to improve people’s quality of life through good food and education. We want people to be informed eaters who know what they eat.

We believe that people can follow a vegetarian, vegan, Mediterranean or any other eating plan that best suits their lifestyle. First of all, we should all be informed eaters, who can recognize high quality food using our own senses as well as cook food that is not only tasty but also healthy.

Attend a program at the Stile Mediterraneo Italy Cooking Academy in Puglia.  Learn our unique Stile Mediterraneo method developed by our team of food experts and doctors. Experience how to taste, cook and eat food that is simple, tasty and healthy.
Join our culinary and wine tours in Puglia and other Italian regions with our food experts. Visit select food and wine producers and learn how high quality products are made and how to taste them.

Join our Know What You Eat Movement. Live life fully through good food.